GLUU Mobile – Earnings and Outlook

GLUU Mobile – Earnings and Outlook
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The stock is up roughly 19% since Feb. 9. Gluu Mobile has developed some of the hottest games on iOS and android. Should we be concerned with the recent price spike? I don’t think so.

We are moving into a digital age with the power to change the world right in the palms of our hands. Mobile development continues to be one of the hottest sectors, with revenue to back that claim. So is now a good time to invest in GLUU?

Mobile Applications and Games

Mobile Applications continue to see significant growth year after year. Developers are expensive, yes. Human capital reflects the winners from the losers. A company that continues to focus on the employee, is a company that grows. GLUU is no exception when taking the human element and focusing on their developers.

We are bullish on GLUU with a target price of $7.00.