VIDEO: Vringo, Inc. (VRNG)

WATCH VIDEO: Vringo, Inc. VRNG Stock Trading Chart Video – Hot Penny Stock. Is this the next penny pick to explode? Review the video and find out for yourself. To stay updated

Huge SYNC News:

Huge SYNC News: NBC Launches Multiplatform Marketing Initiative After gaining $0.74 to $12.29 on Tuesday, Synacor (SYNC) gained $0.64 to $12.83 on Wednesday and could make its biggest rally in history next

SYNC Stock News – Big NBC Deal

NIA has been hard at work adding in to our TV Everywhere educational report all of the information we have about Synacor (SYNC) working with NBC on the biggest TV Everywhere project

SYNC Chart – Rising Substantially Higher

NIA believes that its #1 favorite stock suggestion Synacor (SYNC) has the best looking chart in the market today and it is beginning to look like the big breakout we are expecting